The First of Many

July 25th marks the beginning of two months of state-side ministry training and preparation before I head overseas. It also marks the beginning of our little journey together. I hope you’re ready to go!

Coming this fall, I’ll use this page to keep my prayer partners updated while I serve in Keszthely, Hungary through the end of 2013. I will be joining 3 other missionaries there, and hope you will want to connect with us as we share the gospel in this beautiful country.

Feel free to share this site with anyone you think might be interested!


One Comment on “The First of Many”

  1. Shaun and Sondi Carlaw says:

    Hi, my name is Sondi. Me and my husband, Shaun are missionaries 35 minutes from Keszthely. We just moved here from Budapest three weeks ago. It’s funny that I just found you as I was searching on the net. (I’ll explain later). It shoudn’t be a coincidence.
    We already met David and Tina. They just came to help out with the start of our English club. They’re such a nice couple! But we’re not working together, it’s just nice to have another missionary presence nearby.
    If you want to contact us, please send us an email to
    Looking forward to meeting you!
    God bless you in your preparation to serve here. You will absolutely love Keszthely!

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