A Visual Tour of My World

Check out the view as we landed in Budapest! For those of you who are familiar with my hometown of Florence, look at that water tower on the bottom of the picture!!!! Just like I was landing at home. 🙂

Here’s my room:

Before and after:


Little Hungarian lesson for you: my room color = hoopie cake. That’s not the Hungarian spelling, but that’s how it sounds. 🙂 That’s always a solid way to make Hungarian friends.. tell them about your hoopie cake room.

And here’s the little Keszthely ministry family!

Meet Tina, David, Michelle, and Me!

Keszthely is a pretty amazing city. Don’t worry, I’ll post some pictures from around town sometime soon.


7 Comments on “A Visual Tour of My World”

  1. Grammy says:

    Ohhhhh Bethany,

    What a WONDERFUL surprise!! Just phoned your Dad to share the joy ! Thanks for the pictures (as they say, “worth a thousand words.”) ‘Like the way you transformed your bedroom & made it your own. What a beautiful blue! ‘Glad for the picture of the four of you & think I’ll copy it & have it inside my Bible that I use each a.m. Just the sight of everything — from the water tower – to the bedroom — made me teary-eyed — but smiling big! I know you are blessed, happy, and rightly focused and that blesses me.

    I really will get over the teary stuff — ‘just gotta’ get used to it and remember why it’s so wonderful and so right.

    Blessings and love,


  2. John Russell says:

    Hey the room looks great! Thanks for the pictures.

  3. We are praying for you here in Katy, Texas. David and Tina are from our Church Bear Creek Baptist Church. Nancy Sorrell is my Daughter and she lives in Union, Kentucky and goes to FBC Florence – Mt. Zion. Have a great time with Tina, David and with the kids in Hungary.

    Linda Newhouse
    Recreation Ministry
    Bear Creek Baptist Church
    Katy, Texas

  4. Freda Gooch says:

    Love your Hoopy Cake room. Looks so cheerful. And, about that tower. Does it say on the side Budapest, Y’All? I couln’t read it. Ministry family looks great, too. Looooove you!

  5. Bethany, Bethany…I’m so amazingly proud of you and how you are allowing God to work in and through you:) Praying for you and your whole team!

    By the way, I am throwing down some skinny about your growing-up years to Rebecca (Coleman). What great and funny memories! I love ya sweet girl, Kristy

  6. Sierra says:

    I love the way you re-did your room. That always makes it feel a little more like home. Good pictures so far, I look forward to the rest!

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