So Long, 2011

I guess the holidays are busy for all of us.. so I would apologize for not updating for so long, but I’m fairly sure you’ve figured out something to do with your time other than checking out what’s going on here in Hungary 😉

I hope you’ve all had an incredible time with family and friends! This Christmas has definitely made me more thankful for quality time with loved-ones. But, praise the Lord for Skype. Seeing faces even for a few minutes helps a lot.

We celebrated in Budapest, which is such a cool place. If you ever get the chance, you should absolutely check it out.

(I apologize now for terrible photography skills…one day I’ll remember to take my camera with me.  My little Nokia camera phone did its best! haha)

Budapest Parlament (yes that's how you spell it!)

The "Million Dollar McDonald's"


If you get my newsletters, you know that the week before Christmas, we had a little adventure with my residence permit which had somewhat of a scavenger-hunt feel to round up all of the requested paperwork. I’m currently known in the immigration office as “The American Lady”. haha. I’m constantly making new friends. One random item on the check-list was getting an unexpected ID picture taken (for the 3rd time) at a local photography place before they would process my info. As you can tell, I dressed for the occasion. GO UK!!


=) Oh, the joys of international service. Always an adventure.

But, really, I’m so thankful for a year like 2011, and can only image what God’s got planned for Hungary in 2012. I can’t wait to see him move here, and just pray he’ll use us to spread his love and good news here in Keszthely. (Oh, and by the way.. I’m praying that for you right where you are as well!)



One Comment on “So Long, 2011”

  1. Linda Baumer (from Union Presbyterian Church) says:

    Just want you to know how much I have enjoyed reading about your experiences and the love of God. What a wonderful road you are traveling right now. (And your sense of humor) Love it!!!

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