I’m a 4 month old Hungarian today!

… and most of the time I feel like I have the linguistic skills of a four month old haha, so I guess we’re right on track.

Yes, 4 months ago today, I landed here in this super cool country. And I thank God literally every day that I get to be here loving people in his name.

I just thought I’d give ya some snap-shots of my world right now!

p.s. To all you Giants (or just anti-Patriots) fans out there, congratulations. 🙂

As you may have heard, Europe has gotten quite a bit of SNOW!! Keszthely was no exception. It’s been in single digits lately, which means that the lake we live on (Lake Balaton) is frozen over! Just to give you an idea.. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe. (According to ever-trustworthy Wikipedia) it’s surface area is about 2,000 square miles. (For a comparison for most of my readers, Lake Cumberland is about 100 square miles). So we’re talkin about a LAKE. 🙂

Keszthely’s such a cool place. Maybe you YOU can visit sometime???

We’ll have fun. I promise.