the latest from Nagykanizsa

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking… and speaking of kicking, we just finished watching Poland tie Greece in the EuroCup soccer match. It’s a pretty big tournament here, obviously, so I have to admit it’s fun to watch with people who actually care about soccer! As far as a favorite for the whole tournament.. my roommate is German.. so I’m starting to sympathize with our Deutsch friends. I may just have to root for them to take the cup.

In case you don’t receive my newsletter, I actually moved away from Keszthely recently. I’m going to miss the cool people and beautiful lakeside town I’ve grown accustomed to over the past 8 months, but, I’m excited to see what God has planned here in my new home city of Nagykanizsa. And yeah, that name has a lot of random letters thrown together, I know. But, feel free to Skype with me sometime, and I’ll pronounce it for you (as best I can at least). Or, if I get positive feedback about it, I’ll post a video for how to say it…

We’ve been working like crazy on our apartment, which is old (like 100 years) and has 11.5 ft. ceilings! It’s shaping up pretty nicely, I’ll plan to throw in some pictures of it really soon! So be looking for those here sometime this week! I’ll start blogging more frequently starting now. Promise.


One Comment on “the latest from Nagykanizsa”

  1. Freda Gooch says:

    Can’t wait to see those pix of the inside of your apartment. HOW will you paint those walls and high ceilings? I now you and Michelle can perform wonders like you did before. Loooove you sooo much. Grandma

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