Keszthely in the Fall

I’m not sure if I’ve seen many things that could beat the beauty of Hungary in late October. Considering my main goals for today were to file expense reports and prepare for my language class tomorrow, this weather (and the colorful changing leaves) provided much-needed respite from black words on white paper.

The highlight of today was a walk around the grounds of the palace here in Keszthely with my supervisor, Tina. If I could have hugged it, I would’ve.

And this was the view from where we sat and prayed together for the city of Keszthely.

We’re praying huge things for the people here. God’s handi-work is obvious here in so many ways. I’m blown away by changing leaves.. praying more and more to see transformed lives!


Market Day

Yesterday, like every Saturday, was market day in Keszthely! A lot of people here seem to prefer to pick up their produce here over the larger stores, and it’s easy to see why. The prices are pretty great… the atmosphere is even better.

I’m thinking this will be a pretty good place to practice my Hungarian, too, once I get a little further into my understanding of it.

So, until then, this is my view for quite some time:

Michelle and I are taking two 1 and a half hour classes weekly, and just learning the alphabet is sort of mind-blowing! We’ll get better, but for now we’ll just stick to the easy phrases like “thank you” köszönöm, and “see you later” viszontlάtάsra. 🙂

A Visual Tour of My World

Check out the view as we landed in Budapest! For those of you who are familiar with my hometown of Florence, look at that water tower on the bottom of the picture!!!! Just like I was landing at home. 🙂

Here’s my room:

Before and after:


Little Hungarian lesson for you: my room color = hoopie cake. That’s not the Hungarian spelling, but that’s how it sounds. 🙂 That’s always a solid way to make Hungarian friends.. tell them about your hoopie cake room.

And here’s the little Keszthely ministry family!

Meet Tina, David, Michelle, and Me!

Keszthely is a pretty amazing city. Don’t worry, I’ll post some pictures from around town sometime soon.

Made it

I made it here safely! The flights were flawless. 🙂
It’s been eye opening already. I’m just amazed at the number of people I’ve met who are training here to serve in some of the most dangerous places in the world. In this complex their destination is written on their name tags. In the real world, that information could cost them their lives. It’s going to be incredible to get to know these people.
My teammate, Michelle, will arrive tomorrow for our first day of sessions. Please pray for this to be a great time of growth for both of us.
I probably won’t be blogging very often during the rest of my time here… Don’t miss me to much! Haha.
thanks for being faithful prayer partners.

The First of Many

July 25th marks the beginning of two months of state-side ministry training and preparation before I head overseas. It also marks the beginning of our little journey together. I hope you’re ready to go!

Coming this fall, I’ll use this page to keep my prayer partners updated while I serve in Keszthely, Hungary through the end of 2013. I will be joining 3 other missionaries there, and hope you will want to connect with us as we share the gospel in this beautiful country.

Feel free to share this site with anyone you think might be interested!